COVID-19 Has Made Hospital Avoidance a Critical Component of Good Care

COVID-19 Has Made Hospital Avoidance a Critical Component of Good Care

By: Nayiri Baljian and Jennifer Reese  August 11, 2020 COVID-19 Has Made Hospital Avoidance a Critical Component of Good Care Since Spero began developing oral tebipenem for the treatment of cUTI, we have been consistent in advocating the importance of keeping patients who do not require hospitalization out of the hospital. Hospital avoidance has been a […]

SPR720: Listening to patients, clinicians and regulators, and advancing forward

By: Troy Lister PhD, Sue Stokes, PhD and David Melnick, MD  June 11, 2020 SPR720: Listening to patients, clinicians and regulators, and advancing forward Recently, Spero announced a positive meeting with the FDA that we believe supports our plans to advance SPR720, our novel oral agent for treatment of NTM disease, towards a Phase 2a clinical […]

Evidence Matters: Importance of Tebipenem HBr Oral-Only Trial Design for Clinical Utility and Commercial Uptake Potential

By: Cristina Larkin and David Melnick, MD  February 26th, 2020 Spero is developing tebipenem HBr to provide patients with complicated urinary tract infections (cUTI), the physicians that treat them, and the payors that support their care treatment options outside of the hospital, thus potentially reducing millions of days of hospitalization and billions of dollars in unnecessary […]

Beyond the headlines: Why we are excited about our pipeline and the future for patients needing effective treatments for infections

By: Ankit Mahadevia, MD – CEO of Spero Therapeutics January 9th, 2020 Against a steady drumbeat of alarmist rhetoric in the lay press regarding infectious disease, at Spero we remain focused on developing our first-in-class pipeline of oral agents to treat what we believe to be the two largest infectious disease market opportunities:  complicated urinary tract infections […]

New Options for Patients: New Preliminary Clinical Data on SPR720 and Our Stepwise Plan to Explore the Broad Potential of SPR720 in NTM

By:  David Melnick, MD – Chief Medical Officer of Spero Therapeutics December 5, 2019 We recently announced positive preliminary, blinded data on SPR720 that we believe supports the further development of SPR720 as an oral agent for the treatment of NTM pulmonary disease.  The data released: Identify a dose range for SPR720 to explore in […]

Exciting Independent Review Committee Recommendation Announced Today Based on Positive Interim PK Data from SPR994 ADAPT-PO Phase 3 Clinical Trial

By:  David Melnick, MD – Chief Medical Officer of Spero Therapeutics October 3, 2019 Today we announced that an independent review committee evaluated pharmacokinetic data following enrollment of the first 70 patients in Spero’s ongoing ADAPT-PO pivotal Phase 3 clinical trial of SPR994, Spero’s oral carbapenem product candidate, and recommended that Spero continue the trial […]

New Strategic Alliances to Build Industry Leading Pipeline: Partnerships with Gates MRI and the Novo REPAIR Impact Fund Validate and Accelerate Development of SPR720

By: Troy Lister, PhD, Vice President of Research and Early Development at Spero Therapeutics July 2, 2019 Since its founding, Spero has built strategic partnerships to advance its multi-asset, clinical-stage pipeline, raising approximately $44 million in committed non-dilutive funding since inception, with the potential to receive up to a total of $122 million in such funding, […]

SPR994’s Value Proposition: A dive into how SPR994, an oral carbapenem, could benefit patients, payers, and investors

By: Joel Sendek, Chief Financial Officer May 16th, 2019 Spero has an enterprise value that does not reflect what we believe are significant market opportunities for our lead asset, an oral carbapenem SPR994, and our other product candidates. SPR994 is currently in a pivotal Phase 3 trial for the treatment of complicated urinary tract infections (cUTI), […]

Why Are We Losing Oral Antibiotics for the Treatment of cUTI?

By: Ian Critchley, Ph.D. March 6th, 2019 Urinary tract infections (UTI) caused by pathogens such as Escherichia coli, the most prevalent UTI pathogen, have been historically managed with oral agents including the cephalosporins, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (TMP-SMX) and the fluoroquinolones. Not surprisingly, widespread use has resulted in increased resistance over time. When ciprofloxacin was introduced in the mid-1980s resistance […]

Designing the Right Clinical Trial to Yield the Greatest Value

By: David Melnick, MD  and Cristina Larkin  January 7th, 2019 In today’s health care environment, a randomized, well-controlled trial must not only meet the requirements for approval, but just as importantly, it must encourage early physician use and provide payors a justification for payment. Today, we announced positive feedback from our pre-Phase 3 FDA meeting for SPR994 for […]