Our Aim Is to Identify, Develop and
Commercialize Novel Treatments for
Multi-Drug Resistant Bacterial Infections

Spero Therapeutics is a global, multi-asset, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Our mission is to become a leader in the field of Gram-negative antibiotics and we aim to achieve this objective by advancing multiple, differentiated products towards commercialization in key territories.

Hope Is at the Core of Our Mission

Spero Therapeutics is highly committed to advancing novel treatment approaches for bacterial infections with a world-class team of biotechnology and biopharmaceutical experts. At Spero Therapeutics, we embrace the Italian word “spero,” which means “hope.” Spero’s mission as the leader in the field of antibiotic drug development is to give hope to patients afflicted with drug resistant infections by developing transformative anti-infective medicines.

As we strive to combat the high unmet medical need associated with drug-resistant bacterial infections, our most advanced product candidate, SPR994, is designed to be the first oral carbapenem-class antibiotic for use in adults to treat multi-drug resistant (MDR) Gram-negative infections. Treatment with effective orally administered antibiotics may help avoid hospitalization and in hospital setting it may help accelerate hospital discharge by delivering a more convenient and cost-effective treatment for patients.

We are also developing SPR720, an oral antibacterial agent currently under development for the treatment of non-tuberculous mycobacterial (NTM) infections, a rare orphan disease.

Additionally we have a platform technology known as our Potentiator Platform. This technology will enable us to develop combination therapies that will expand the spectrum and potency of existing antibiotics, including formerly inactive antibiotics, against Gram-negative bacteria. Our lead product candidates from our Potentiator Platform are two intravenous (IV)-administered agents – SPR206 and SPR741 – designed to treat MDR Gram-negative infections in the hospital setting.

Founded in 2013, and named as one Boston’s “Best Places to Work in 2017” by the Boston Business Journal, Spero Therapeutics is also the recipient of the first-ever 2017 Xconomy Startup of the Year Award. We sincerely believe that our novel product candidates will have meaningful impact on patient health and significant commercial applications for the treatment of MDR infections in both the hospital and community settings.

Leadership Team

Spero Therapeutics has assembled a highly experienced and uniquely qualified team of biotechnology and biopharmaceutical experts led by President and CEO, Ankit Mahadevia, MD. Openly transparent and highly respectful, our leadership team firmly believes that Spero Therapeutics’ employees are their most important and valued resource.