SPR720: Non-tuberculous Mycobacterium

The First Oral Antibiotic Designed to Treat Pulmonary Non-tuberculous Mycobacterium

Non-tuberculous Mycobacterium (NTM) is a growing global health concern and major unmet medical need because of the lack of new medications being developed to combat these bacteria.

It is estimated that approximately 130,000 patients suffer from NTM in the U.S. and Europe, a figure that is growing at a rate of 8% annually. The elderly and people with compromised immune or lung function are at greatest risk, as are patients with bronchiectasis for whom it is estimated that up to 50% may also have active NTM lung infection. Alarmingly, there are currently no approved agents approved for use in NTM.

The most common treatment for NTM is combination therapy with drugs traditionally used for tuberculosis (TB) which have limited efficacy and high toxicity. NTM is also associated with high healthcare costs and high mortality. In 2014, the annual cost in the U.S. alone was estimated at $1.7 billion.

Spero Therapeutics is currently developing SPR720, a novel oral agent to treat NTM.

  • Designed to be the first oral treatment of NTM where treatment failure is common and no approved therapies exist.

    The current treatment for NTM is lengthy and involves combination therapy, often including three or more antibiotics, including injectables. None of these combination treatments are currently approved for use in NTM.

  • Potential to be the first approved oral agent for NTM.

    SPR720 has demonstrated potency in vitro and in vivo against a range of pathogens causing NTM, including Mycobacterium abscessus, a highly resistant organism associated with a high rate of mortality.

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